The 6 Week”Combeback” Challenge

Call Me Zaddy Presents

The 6 Week “Don’t Call It A Comeback If you Lose 10 Pounds I Give You $97 and a T-shirt Call Me Zaddy” Challenge

It’s a bet. For FREE, I give you a 6-week training, nutrition, and supplement plan, coach you in a private FB group with other dads just like you, and if you lose 10lbs and take before/after photos I can use, I’ll give you a $97 discount on any of my coaching plans and a t-shirt.

I get it.

You’re tired. You’re overweight. You look ten years older than you are and move even worse. Running a mile seems like pure hell and losing the beer gut and man boobs seem impossible. You’re rocking the DadBod, and for a little while, it was the “in” thing, kinda like the mullet also had its 10 minutes of fame. But now, it’s over. It doesn’t just look bad, but it’s also a ticking time bomb when it comes to your health.

But…. there’s a shimmer of hope.

You faintly remember the glory days of high school. The six pack abs. The big bench press. Your game-saving tackle during the homecoming game. The way you could just walk up to the basket, jump, and grab the rim without even thinking about it. Or, how you could run a mile without a single stretch and not be winded.

It’s all possible. You know it is because you once did it. And, I think we can both agree, you were far lazier, dumber, and had less willpower back then so you can definitely do it again….. IF you had a little help.

Knock. Knock. That’s what I’m here for!

I’m giving you my complete 6-week plan for FREE, and if you follow it, I know you’ll lose at least 10lbs. And trust me, once you drop the first 10lbs and see it in the mirror, your motivation and results will snowball. “Honey, throw out the washing machine. Daddy has him a set of washboard abs you can clean the clothes on now.”

And you’re doing this for free? What’s the catch?

It’s a win-win for both of us. You don’t pay anything, get rid of your DadBod, get a $97 credit to my other training plans, and get a cool t-shirt. In exchange, I get a great testimonial with a before/after pic (I’ll blur out your face) that I can use on my website and in my ads, and I know if you decide to upgrade to another package, I’m working with a winner so I don’t waste my time. It’s a simple deal. I make you look good. You make me look good.

So what’s included?

nutrition plan for dads

A 6-Week Training Plan

All you have to do is show up and follow the workouts. You don’t have to plan. You don’t have to second guess yourself- Should I be doing this or that? You really don’t even have to think. Everything will be in the workout book I’ll send you. Every exercise. Every set. Every rep. And if you don’t know an exercise or something confuses, you have access to our private Facebook group to ask questions.

A 6-Week Nutrition Plan

nutrition tips to lose the beer gut

Notice I didn’t say diet. I’m not going to tell you what to and what not to eat. That doesn’t work, does it? Instead, we’ll calculate your daily calorie goal and let you eat whatever you want to hit that goal. Of course, I’ll give you some tips, tricks, and tactics that make it easy to hit that goal, but for the most part, you can eat whatever you want as long as you hit the caloric goal.

Why do I do it like this?

  1. Premade eating plans don’t work. I’m sure you’ve tried some in the past, and I bet you had the same success I did – zero. We need flexibility. We need a diet that fits our preferences, lifestyle, and tastes. We need guidance, not a strict “eat this not that” crap. There are going to be some mornings when we’ll need to eat a Poptart with the kids. And, there are going to be some moments, like during the big game, when we’re going to throw a few (or maybe a 12 pack) beers back.
  2. When it comes to losing weight, calories are king. I know protein is important. I know some people don’t do well with carbs. I do. But…. every diet that’s ever worked in the history of the world has worked because it tricked the participant into eating fewer calories than they burn. And because I know as a dad we have 1000 things to worry about, I just want you to focus on the one BIG thing when it comes to weight loss – calories. Don’t worry though. We’ll attack macros down the road. For now, prove to me you can hit your daily caloric goal.
  3. It simplifies things, and when you’re a dad with hundreds of responsibilities, simplicity is key. It’s like I tell my wife when we’re arguing because I didn’t pick up on her subtle clues – “Honey, don’t make me think. I’m a man. My attention span is short and my ability to read minds is ridiculously bad. Just say it. Short, sweet, and to the point.” One thing. That’s all I’m asking.
  4. It works. Period.

The Supplement Protocol

Let’s be honest. Most supplements don’t work. In fact, 99% of them don’t. So, not only am I going to save you some time but also, more importantly, some money by telling exactly what supplements I use that make dieting SO much easier. Here’s the good news:

  • They’re cheap.
  • They work.
  • There aren’t very many.

Let’s Shake on it

Sound like a deal? If so, click here to send me a message. Make sure you put in your subject line – Let’s roll!